10th ‘’Madona longboard challenge’’ was a blast


At sports and recreation complex ‘’Smeceres Sils’’ in Madona the 10th annual ‘’Madona longboard challenge’’ was held.

Despite Covid restrictions and desert heat Latvian and Lithuanian riders came together to have an amazing weekend.

In the Open group there were tight battles from the start. In the small final Rokas Miečius from Lithuania took 5th place ahead of Klāvs Balamovskis and Gustavs Zēgners. In the big final once again the win went to Ralfs Gailītis. Second was Toms Dreiblats, but third Gustavs Gailītis.

In the Masters group Lithuania took the top honors – Erikas Jaksiboga won by a small margin in front of Eduards Everts and Artis Bokāns.

Between the juniors for the second year Ralfs Gailītis dominated ahead of Gustavs Rullis, Sebastians Subbota and Henrijs Strazdiņš.

In women group Barbara Roskoša won with Baiba Grunsberga was second.

Traditional skate&shoot race was held too, Edžus Konošonoks and Barbara Roskoša made it without penalties and won the race. Slide jam title went to Kārlis Karlsons.

Event was held thanks to the support of Riposhop.lv, Smeceres Sils, Madona city, Vans Alfa, Vaira Vīksne, MasterPrint, Trouble Kid, Svētavots, Lulū pica and Garage boards.

The next and final race of this year will be held on 11-12th September in Cēsis, when ‘’Priekuļi cup 2021’’ will be held.

Qualification results:

quali_1 quali_2

Race results:




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