Latvian downhill series champions – Gailītis, Stepanova, Rullis, Ivanovs


Last weekend in Cēsis Olympic center ‘’Priekuļi’’ the last event of Latvian downhill longboarding series champions were crowned.

First slalom and slide jam competitions were held.
In slalom Gustavs Gailītis took the win, fallowed by Masters Gints Zommers and Edžus Konošonoks. In slide jam Kārlis Karlsons was the most skilled rider, 2nd place went to Mārtiņš Kivlinieks, but 3rd to Kaspars Balamovskis for doing stand-ups with a 1,5m long deck.

In downhill a lot of epic battles took place – in juniors Kristers Ivanovs showed his dominance taking the win, with Lukas Kellijs, Emīls Apsītis and Ralfs Andersons closely behind.
In series overall Ivanovs took the top honors, fallowed by Apsītis and Andersons.

In women Lauma Stepanova once again was unstoppable, Barbara Roskoša was 2nd and Baiba Grunsberga 3rd. In overall Stepanova also won, fallowed by Grusnberga nad Roskoša.

In Masters it was a battle of titans – Ģirts Vārtiņš managed to grab the top spot, Mikus Rullis secured second place un Edžus Konošonoks third place. In overall Rullis won for first time, Konošonoks was close behind, but 3rd place goes to Lukas Kirkilionis.

The tightest battles took place in Open group – Gustavs Gailītis took the win, with Ralfs Gailītis just one meter behind. 3rd place went to Mārtiņš Kivlinieks.
In series overall Gailītis won with almost perfect score (2nd,1st,1st,1st places), Kivlinieks wasn’t far behind (1st,3rd,2nd,3rd), but Karlsons this time ended the series in 3rd place (3rd,4th,4th,5th).

The race was supported by, Foxy racks, Fans action sport, Ionic Flux, Born To Ride, Davi boards, LuLū Pica, Ponolau,, NRJ tipography, OHM.LV.

Last race of the year is here – ‘’GiGa Olympics’’

On 23-24 September in Cēsis Olympic center ‘’Priekuļi’’ the last race of Latvian downhill longboarding series 2017 will be held. ‘’GiGa Olympics’’ event will be made in honor of godfather of Latvian skateboarding – Gints Gailītis.
Video from last years race

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In the event we will have longboard slalom competition, slide jam and downhill race.

Downhill course Is quite easy but narrow – top riders will reach speeds up to 60km/h. Course –
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Schedule (there still might be changes):
Saturday, 23th September
12:00-12:10 longboard slalom re-registration
12:15-12:35 longboard slalom practice
12:40-13:30 longboard slalom race
13:40-13:55 downhill re-registration and riders meeting
14:00-15:30 practice runs
15:35-16:30 qualification
16:45-17:30 slide jam

Sunday, 24th September
11:00-12:00 practice runs
12:10-14:00 finals
14:30 award ceremony

Entry fee for two day event (including event t-shirt):
Juniors: 25 Eur
Others: 35 Eur
If you register after 20th September 23:59: + 10 Eur
If you attend only one day, entry fee stays the same.

All riders must read rules before registration – Here

Registration here: Registration form

Staying overnight – in tents, local hostel or

See you in Priekuļi 😉


“Alpacas” champions have been crowned going 85km/h

First day of annual ‘’Alpaca speed festival’’ was full of rain, luckly second was much sunnier & fastest riders from Latvia and Lithuania battled for the win.
In juniors Kristers Ivanovs took the top honors, fallowed by Emīls Apsītis, Ralfs Andersons and Kristofers Raģis.
In masters Lukas Kirkilionis was unstoppable, 2nd was Darius Stankevičius and 3rd Edžus Konošonoks.
In OPEN final Gustavs Gailītis took the win in a tight battle with Mārtiņš Kivlinieks. Toms Dreiblats took 3rd place and Kārlis Karlsons was 4th.
Race was sponsored by, ‘’Rakši’’, ‘’Born to Ride’’, pica ‘’LuLū’’, festival ‘’Playground’’, ‘’Ponolau’’, ‘’Born to ride’’, ‘’Sunhill bags’’, ‘’NRJ tipography’’.

Last race of the series 2017 will be in September – info coming soon 😉

1. Gustavs Gailītis
2. Mārtiņš Kivlinieks
3. Toms Dreiblats
4. Kārlis Karlsons
5. Ralfs Gailītis
6. Lukas Kirkilionis
7. Gustavs Zēgners
8. Darius Stankevičius
9. Stepas Jonaitis
10. Edžus Konošonoks
11. Kristers Ivanovs
12. Eduards Everts
13. Ralfs Andersons
14. Kristofers Raģis
15. Emīls Apsītis
16. Mikus Rullis
1. Kristers Ivanovs
2. Emīls Apsītis
3. Ralfs Andersons
4. Kristofers Raģis
1. Lukas Kirkilionis
2. Darius Stankevičius
3. Edžus Konošonoks
4. Mikus Rullis

”Alpaca speed festival” is back!

For 5th consecutive year the fastest race in our region will take place – fastest riders will reach speeds up to 85km/h!
Raw run

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1st July
12:30-13:00 re-registration
13:00-13:05 riders meeting
13:05-15:00 practice
15:00-16:00 qualification

2nd July
11:00-12:30 practice
12:30-14:30 finals
15:00-15:30 award ceremony

Entry fee if you register till 27th June 23:59:
Open, Masters, ladies 30Eur, juniors 20Eur.
Registration later + 10Eur

The course will be closed during the runs, the bus will be taking the riders up the hill, there will be security nets on course and the doctor just in case.

Staying overnight – we highly recommend to stay in recreational complex ”Rakši” in one of the guest houses, which will also give you access to unique ”Rakši” zoo – camels, alpacas, lamas, longboarders, donkeys etc.!
Accomondation per person – 16Eur (if you have some friends accompaning you, please contact race organizer Gustavs Gailītis about available places).

Registration: Here

GPS coordinates: Atpūtas komplekss “Rakši” 57.275887, 25.193367

Video from 2013

YouTube Preview Image

Video from 2014

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Video from 2015

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Video from 2016

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See you in ”Rakši”

Legendary ”Priekuļi cup” was a success

Second race of Latvian downhill series at Priekuļi track was amazing – in junior group final after Kristers Ivanovs crashed, Lukass Kellijs took the win, fallowed by Ralfs Andersons and Emīls Apsītis. Kellijs is also the new series leader in juniors, only one point ahead of Ivanovs and Apsītis.
Fastest lady Lauma Stepanova dominated again, Kitija Blūma took 2nd and Baiba Grunsberga 3rd. Stepanova with 2 wins in 2 races is pulling away in series rankings too.
In masters Mikus Rullis grabbed his first win and lead in series. Second in Priekuļi was Artjoms Smirnovs, but third Ģirts Vārtiņš.
In Open group for 5th consecutive year Gustavs Gailītis took the top spot, while Toms Dreiblats took 2nd, Mārtiņš Kivlinieks 3rd and Kārlis Karlsons 4th.

Race was sponsored by ‘”, Priekuļu novads, Cēsu Olimpiskais centrs ”Priekuļi”, ”Pica LuLū”, festivāls ”Playground”, ”Ponolau”, ”Born to ride”, ”NRJ tipogrāfija”, ”” un ”Sunhill bags”.
Next race ”Alpaca speed festival 2017” will be held on 1-2 July.
Registration coming soon 😉

Qualification results: Here

1.Gustavs Gailītis
2.Toms Dreiblats
3.Mārtiņš Kivlinieks
4.Kārlis Karlsons
5.Klāvs Balamovskis
6.Kaspars Balamovskis
7.Ralfs Gailītis
8.Alvils Bijons
9.Mikus Rullis
10.Eduards Everts
11.Kristers Ivanovs
12.Rolands Stepanovs
13.Lauma Stepanova
14.Edžus Konošonoks
15.Artjoms Smirnovs
16.Dairis Putniņš
17.Ernests Liepiņš
18.Lukass Kellijs
19.Jānis Kivlinieks
20.Ralfs Andersons
21.Kristofers Raģis
22.Eduards Vitmanis
23.Gustavs Rullis
24.Edijs Leitass
25.Baiba Grunsberga
26.Kitija Blūma
27.Emīls Apsītis
28.Ģirts Vārtiņš
29.Henrijs Geidāns
30.Andrejs Solncevs
31.Emīls Balcers
1.Lukass Kellijs
2.Ralfs Andersons
3.Emīls Apsītis
4.Kristers Ivanovs
5.Kristofers Raģis
6.Edijs Leitass
7.Gustavs Rullis
1.Mikus Rullis
2.Artjoms Smirnovs
3.Ģirts Vārtiņš
4.Edžus Konošonoks
5.Andrejs Solncevs
1.Lauma Stepanova
2.Kitija Blūma
3.Baiba Grunsberga